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At the Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy we have a number of Programs. Whether your interest is Historical Fencing from Renaissance ear Germany, Enlightment era Italy, or that of a Elegant Weapon for a more Civilized Age we are here to help. 

Kunst des Fechtens

The German Art of Combat as recorded by Joachim Meyer in the 16th century, learn to use the Lange Schwert (Longsword), Dussack, Rappier (Sidesword), Dolch (Dagger), Ringen (Wrestling), and Stangen (Staff).

Scienza d'Arme

The Italian Science of Arms as popularized by Salvator Fabris, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, and Nicoletto Giganti in the early 17th century. Learn to use the sword alone, along with companion weapons such as the dagger, buckler, cloak, and rotella.

The Philosophy of Battle

A systematic approach to using that elegant weapon of a more civilized age. Learn to use seven different forms, including Long and Short, Dual, Double, Saberpike and more.